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Jen's Adventures
Jen's Trip to Paris
Jen's Trip to China
Jen Tours The Middle East
A Hike in the Mountains
Jen's Trip to Poland
Jen and Martin in Japan
Jen and Martin in Scotland
Jen and Martin go to Bath
Jen and Martin's Africa trip
Jen and Martin's trip to Mozambique and South Africa
Jen's bicycle trip to Tibet and Nepal
Jen and Jim's trip to Barcelona
Our Trip to Whitehorse
Our Trip to Switzerland
Going to Jen and Martin's Wedding
Our Trip to Italy
Our Trip to Spain
Our Caribbean Cruise
Our Trip to Austria, Slovenia and Italy
Our Trip to India
Our Trip to Vancouver
Our Trip to Portland OR
Our Trip to Italy and Croatia
Our Trip to Peru

Our Travels

Lisa's Travels
Lisa's trip to Europe
Lisa and Jen's trip to Ireland
Thorsley Family Pictures
The Thorsley and Taylor Family Tree

Peder Svendsen

Clarke Taylor
Clarke Taylor's 80th Birthday Party
Clarke Taylor's Celebration of Life
Lloyd Thorsley's 85th Birthday Party
Lloyd Thorsley's 87th Birthday Party
Lloyd Thorsley's Celebration of Life

Lloyd Thorsley

Our Turtles
Simon and Misty
We have a Beaver!
Installing my new solar panels!
Installing my geothermal system!
Building my new addition